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Sustainability at the University of Bayreuth

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The decline in biodiversity has considerable consequences for human beings. The most serious are probably the reduction or even loss of ecosystem services. As a university, we have an obligation to preserve biodiversity and species diversity on our land.

In cooperation with experts from the University of Bayreuth’s Botanical Garden, a network of nesting boxes and bat boxes as well as two insect hotels are provided on campus. In addition, a coordinated mowing schedule (biodiversity areas twice a year, flowering areas once a year) and the introduction of special flower seeds ensure the improvement of biodiversity.

An insect-friendly exterior design of the BayCEER field office was carried out in 2021. Here, deadwood logs and sand mounds were placed to provide breeding opportunities and plantings of insect-friendly species were made. In addition, the meadows were transformed into flowering meadows. The transformation was carried out with the advice, guidance and assistance of the association "Die Summer e.V.".

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