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Sustainability at the University of Bayreuth

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Since 2016, the University of Bayreuth has been a Fairtrade University, which means that it is committed to fair trade at various levels. The title awarded by the "Fairtrade" label must be renewed every two years by fulfilling five criteria:
  1. A university resolution signed by the President and the Students' Parliament.
  2. A steering group that coordinates the activities.
  3. Offering Fairtrade products at regular meetings and public events of the university.
  4. The sale of Fairtrade products in on-campus gastronomy.
  5. Two information events per semester on the subject of Fairtrade.

The aim is to position ourselves as an innovative university and important social player. Fair trade with its social, ecological, cultural and economic aspects is closely linked to future-oriented thinking and acting and is therefore supported by us (more information at: www.fairtrade-universities.de).

In recent years, we have already succeeded in ensuring that fair trade products, such as chocolate bars and coffee, can be purchased from all vending machines and other locations within the campus. In addition, fair trade has been a regular topic of discussion at events. Our next step is to firmly integrate fair trade into the everyday life of the university and to bring the topic to the attention of the Campus family.

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