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Sustainability at the University of Bayreuth

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There are many opportunities for sustainable commitment on the campus!

How can you get involved?

One way to get involved at our university is to work with us directly. Even if we are not always explicitly looking for new people, we regularly need replacements. If you want to apply to us, send us a short letter of motivation and your CV to green.campus@uni-bayreuth.de.

If you are not currently looking for a job, or if we will only be able to offer you a job in a few months, or if you want to contribute beyond that, we have various options for you. With initiatives, for example, you can have a lot of nice experiences and meet new, interesting people.

1st option: Job area - here we collect green jobs and internships for you at the university and at student start-ups

2nd option: University groups and initiatives - you will always find exciting projects here

During our office hours we will be happy to advise you on possible involvement in current projects of the university groups and support you in implementing your own project ideas.

There are many opportunities for sustainable engagement on campus and beyond! You can get to know sustainable initiatives regularly once a semester at our Green Pub. Below we have also compiled a list of initiatives: If you are an initiative that is not yet listed, please contact us.

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