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Sustainability at the University of Bayreuth

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Nachhaltigkeitswoche GreenCampus

Sustainability Week

The Sustainability Week is organized annually by the Student Parliament with GreenCampus and the Vice President for Digitalization, Innovation and Sustainabilit at the university. 

The aim is to look at the topic of sustainability from a variety of perspectives and to keep it present on campus. The target group is primarily students of any study program, but the entire campus community and local residents are invited to participate. Lectures, workshops, discussions and guided tours provide insights into the university's research activities, solution strategies and the commitment of students.

The aim is to make this clear: Sustainability is not a one-dimensional topic with a golden path. Since 2023, the University's Sustainability Award has also been presented by the president as part of Sustainability Week.

The Sustainability Week 2024 will take place May, 13th until May, 17th 2024.

You can find the detailed program here or on the following website: Nachhaltigkeitswoche 2024 (uni-bayreuth.de)

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