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Sustainability at the University of Bayreuth

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Tips on sustainability in Bayreuth

Here we want to collect information in order to help you to live your best sustainable life in Bayreuth. If you have advice that we didn't share yet, please feel free to contact us!

Second-Hand-Shopping in BayreuthHide

The RotKreuz-Lade Bayreuth offers secondhand-items for everyone. You can either get items or you can donate clothing, shoes, books, househould items, etc. The proceeds of the RotKreuz-Laden will be used for new social projects. The shop is located at Priesterstraße and can be reached from the campus via bike in 2 min.


Share & Care BayreuthHide

Nothing saves ressources as much as reusing used items. You can use the facebook group Share & Care Bayreuth to gift and give away items as well as lending items and helping other users. The group has around more than 15.000 users. More information can be found here Facebook-Group Share & Care – Bayreuth.

 Facebook-Gruppe Share & Care – Bayreuth.

Radbox ​(Bycycle Self-Help Workshop)Hide

Your bike broke down? Then go visit the Radbox - die Fahrradselbsthilfewerkstatt. At the Radbox you repair the bike yourself with the help of the competent people from Radbox. More information and opening hours can be found on their website.

Repaircafé BayreuthHide

You can bring items like laptops, mobile phone, househould and other electronic items as well as furniture and woodwork to the Repaircafé Bayreuth. With the support of an electrician, a carpenter, a bike mechanic and a technician will be worked on damage and if possible, the damage will be repaired. During your stay you can learn a lot and may be able to solve the problem by yourself the next time it occus. All of the tools are even available for creative crafting or for upcycling ideas.

The TransitionsHaus, where the Repaircafé takes place, is located at Schulstr. 7.

Moving without a car in Bayreuth (Flinker)Hide

The courier-service Flinker offers with its cargo bike an enironmental-friendly alternative to conventional services. Wether it is move planed in the city or a bulk buying at the hardware store, Flinker can help. The bike-courier brings your items with the cargo bike to a new address while being able to carry up to 200kg and with a loading area with the size of 80 x 160cm. You can contact them at info@flinker.org

Hamsterbacke e.V.: Unverpacktladen in BayreuthHide

Der Verein Hamsterbacke e.V. hat sich zum Ziel gesetzt, die Versorgung mit regionalen, unverpackten und ökologisch produzierten Lebensmitteln zu stärken. Als Erzeuger-Verbrauchergemeinschaft bieten der Laden eine Alternative zu:

  • einer Lebensmittelproduktion, in der weite Transportwege vorherrschen und zu der wir als Verbraucher zunehmend den Bezug verloren haben,
  • mangelnder Transparenz bezüglich Lebensmittelherkunft, Verarbeitungs- und Vermarktungswegen,
  • der konzentrierten Marktmacht einiger weniger Konzerne,
  • Produktionsmethoden und Anbauweisen, deren negative Auswirkungen auf die Umwelt immer

Der Unverpacktladen der Hamsterbacke befindet sich am Rande der Fußgängerzone, Hohenzollernring 67.
Mehr Infos zum Laden gibt es auf der Website der Hamsterbacke e.V.

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