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Sustainability at the University of Bayreuth

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Please be aware that changes can occur at the Fuhrpark bei Ökobil e.V. due to Covid-19. The ZOE and the Mégane aren't avaible for booking at the moment.

For current information visit the website from meiaudo CarSharing.

General Information

CarSharing at the University of Bayreuth is provided by the Verein Ökobil e.V. under the label meiaudo. GreenCampus is available as a contact person for registration, contracts and general questions regarding use. This is merely an offer of information; in the end, only the regulations of Ökobil e.V. apply.

The DB-Flinkster network is used as the booking platform, so that registration for CarSharing is automatically followed by the creation of a Fastest Access. Vehicles can be booked both on the homepage and via the Flinkster Smartphone App. With your membership in meiaudo CarSharing you can access the entire Flinkster vehicle fleet in Germany and Switzerland - if only at the significantly more expensive conditions of "Deutsche Bahn Connect GmbH".


From now on, registration can be done easily in the UniShop during its regular opening hours (Mon, Wed, Thu: 12-14 hrs).

Please bring your driving licence and identity card with you!

Independent RegistrationHide

For independent registration, please download the membership/user contract.

Please note the following for the user contract on page 2:

The list number of the driving licence ("Driving licence details") is number 5 on the driving licence. 

In the section "To be filled in by the club" the second line "Customer card with number" must be filled in. These are the last 10 digits of the 17-digit number of your CampusCard. You will find this number on the back of your student card, in the lower left-hand corner above the BT or S identification or on your CampusCard.

Completely filled out and with a copy of your identity card and your driving licence (front and back) send it to gs@meiaudo.de or to

Ökobil e.V. - meiaudo CarSharing
Postfach 2221
96013 Bamberg


​How much does it cost to use CarSharing?Hide

The total price for the use of the vehicles is calculated from a time price and a kilometre price. The exact prices of the different vehicle categories can be viewed on the website www.meiaudo.de. Additional costs are initially charged in the process of membership of the association (see "Do I have to become a member of the Verein Ökobil e.V.?").

Price example for a 50 km drive with Renault Clio with a 3-hour rental:
50 km x 0.37 € = 18.50 €
3 hours x 1,25 € = 3,75 €
User-specific costs: € 21.25 

In the event of behaviour in violation of the contract (late cancellation, overrunning of the booking time) or accidents caused by your own fault (400 € retention), costs may also be incurred.

There are no further expenses. Costs for fuel, insurance or car care are included in the user fee. The vehicles are fully comprehensive insurance.

​Do I have to become a member of the Ökobil e.V. association?Hide

Yes. Ökobil e.V. Bamberg is the provider of meiaudo CarSharing.

The annual membership fee is 40€ / 20€ reduced*.

A deposit is also charged to finance the vehicle fleet. This is a one-time fee of 750€ / 400€ reduced*. It is possible to waive the payment of this deposit in exchange for an additional annual membership fee of 30€. If you leave the association, the deposit will be refunded - currently without interest.

Furthermore, a one-time admission fee of 15€ is due.

Practical example: Students who do not wish to make a deposit:

  •  One-time admission fee of 15 €.

  • Annual costs of 50€ (20€ membership fee and 30€ additional fee)

*The reduction is available to family members, students, trainees and job seekers.Those interested in meiaudo CarSharing can test the offer for up to 3 months. During this "trial membership" you pay no association fee and no deposit

Are there different tariffs?Hide

There are two tariffs: the tariff with a deposit and the tariff without a deposit.

The costs for using the vehicles (time and kilometre price) are the same for both.

Within the tariff with a deposit, students have a reduced deposit of € 400. The deposit is used to purchase new vehicles and will be refunded after membership is terminated.

Within the tariff without a deposit, an annual contribution of € 30 is charged instead of the deposit.

The previous tariff without club membership with significantly higher time prices has not been offered anymore since July 1, 2019. Provisionally, old users with this "tariff without membership" continue to use the old conditions. You can switch to the new tariff at no additional cost.

​How do I pay?Hide

Your journeys are billed by direct debit. The admission fee, the membership fee and the deposit are also debited by direct debit.

You will receive a detailed monthly invoice by email. If there is no use in a billing period, no invoice will be sent.

​How do I proceed in the event of a cancellation?Hide

Bookings can be cancelled free of charge up to 24 hours before the start of the journey. After, half the time price, up to a maximum of € 50, is charged. If the booking duration is more than 24 hours, the booking duration is the deadline up to which a free cancellation is possible.

This regulation also applies in the event of a cancellation of part of the journey, i.e. when shortening the booking time.

​What happens if I cannot return the car on time?Hide

A late return of the vehicles must be avoided in any case. A possible following user would stand in front of an empty parking space.

If there is no immediate follow-up booking, the booking time can easily be extended using the app. If the return time cannot be kept, the booking centre (0951-1209977) must be informed by phone. A following user can possibly be rebooked there to another car. In the case of unreported delays, Ökobil e.V. charges a fee of € 25 for delays up to 15 minutes and € 50 for delays of more than 15 minutes.

​I'm standing in front of an empty parking lot although I have booked the car?Hide

If the vehicle you have booked is not available on its parking space after the start of the booking, please call the booking centre (0951-1209977). They will do their best to find you a vehicle as soon as possible.

​Who is allowed to drive the car I have booked?Hide

In principle, the car must only be driven by the person who booked the vehicle. The usage contract is personalized. However, as long as the person who made the booking is in the vehicle, other people are also allowed to drive the vehicle.

​What should I watch out for in the event of an accident?Hide

There is a mobility guarantee from the manufacturer for all vehicles or a cover letter from the insurance company for breakdowns. We have concluded partial and fully comprehensive insurance for all users. You basically enjoy the same protection as with your own vehicle. As a rule, you are therefore only liable with an excess of € 400.

A fee according to the current price list must be paid for every self-inflicted downtime and technician deployment. In addition, there is liability insurance for everyone who works for the association. The costs for this are included in the membership fee.

The respectively valid user contract and price list, which you can view on the meiaudo homepage, apply.


Intentional or unacceptably negligent behaviour (e.g. drunkenness, hit-and-run, risky overtaking, disregarding warning displays in the vehicle, handing over a vehicle to an "unauthorized" person, etc.), which lead to the loss of insurance cover, are at the expense of the user (see user agreement) .

Also, keep in mind that you are liable for any damage as if you were driving your own vehicle. An essential difference is when e.g. damage only occurred to one's own vehicle, this must also be reported immediately before continuing the journey, since otherwise it is an "unauthorized removal from the scene of the accident".


Before and after the journey, walk around the vehicle to check it for any damage. You can find old damage in the app. If necessary, take photos of the damage.

​How are the trips billed?Hide

You will receive a monthly invoice from the Flinkster service centre in Halle. This includes:

  • Your rides
  • Your disbursed fuel bills
  • The membership fee (once a year)
  • Delay fees
  • Any incurring cleaning costs

Expended repairs etc. are usually not included and are paid separately. If there is no use in a billing period, no invoice will be sent.

​Refuelling diesel / petrol - what should be considered?Hide

There is an ARAL fuel card in the diesel / petrol vehicles. You can use it to pay at all ARAL petrol stations (preferred) and the ROUTEX partners (OMV, BP, Statoil, Agip, ...). The tank must be at least half full when the vehicle is returned.

If you fill up at another petrol station, you will have to display the amount. Send the receipt and your user number to meiaudo. The amount paid will be credited to you with the monthly invoice. If you paid with a foreign currency, please write the equivalent in euros on the receipt.



Ökobil e.V. / meiaudo CarSharing
Postfach 2221
96013 Bamberg

If you have any questions about your invoice, please email meiaudo and ask for a call back. Fuel receipts and other expenses are settled by us, so it will be faster if you ask Georg Pelzer: (Please also use the mailbox.)

Georg Pelzer
Tel. 0951 / 2976807
E-Mail: schatzmeister@meiaudo.de

​Electric charging - what should be considered?Hide

In the electric vehicles there is a charging card from newmotion with which you can fill up with electricity at many charging stations. Electric vehicles can also be parked at their station with an empty battery. In any case, connect the vehicle to the charging station! Make sure that the plug of the charging cable is plugged into the socket on the charging station and that the vehicle is charging.

The electric vehicles have a waiting period for subsequent use, during which the vehicle is charged and therefore cannot be moved. You can assume that the battery is at least 90% charged when you start driving. The range is around 200 kilometres.

​Traffic safetyHide

When you park the vehicle, you are responsible for its roadworthiness. Many flies on the windshield after a long journey as well as dirty headlight glasses and mirrors have to be cleaned independently. Broken lamps and loose seats (e.g. on the 7-seater and buses) must be repaired independently or reported to the booking centre (0951-1209977).

Also pay attention to the careful handling of child seats. These are not only expensive, but also serve to protect the life and health of the youngest.

If traffic safety is impaired, please report immediately to the booking centre (0951-1209977) and have the vehicle blocked.

​Cleanliness & CareHide

The sharing idea also includes the cleanliness and care of the vehicles. Every user should park the vehicle in the way he would like to find it himself. If you don't have the time to drive to a gas station and vacuum after your trip, you should refrain from having a “snack in the car”. Contamination by animal hair, dirt, sawdust, etc. is not desired. If a subsequent user reports an incident, a flat-rate cleaning fee is due.

Should you still have a mishap, please report this immediately to the booking centre (0951-1209977). Fresh pollution can usually be removed quickly with special agents. In the case of child seats, there is also the option of replacing them and washing the cover yourself.

​Availability in BayreuthHide

Here you can see the availability of all cars in Bayreuth.

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